No Gravida

What is No Gravida?

No Gravida is a Vaginal Suppository that can be used as a short term contraceptive

Who is No Gravida for?

  • For women who are looking for safe and convenient short term contraceptive method what ever their medical background
  • As a temporary contraceptive method to cover any gap in using your regular contraception method
  • Recommended as an add on contraceptive method specially with condoms to achieve higher contraception results
  • No Gravida is convenient for Newly married, breast feeding, diabetic hypertensive, cardiac, active liver disease

Not recommended for women with recurrent Urinary Tract Infection.

How does No Gravida works?

No Gravida works as spermicidal that when dissolves deep in the women’s vagina affects the motility , efficacy of the sperm

How do you take No Gravida?

One suppository to be placed deep in the vagina at least 10 minutes before the sexual intercourse and stay effective for 1 hour starting from the time of insertion

What you shall know about no gravida ?

  • Its efficacy is up to 82% when used correctly
  • Immediate return to fertility once it is stopped
  • It shall be stored at refrigerator 2-8 C




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