U Kare

Effectiveness & acceptability combined

  • Strongly prevents fertilization & hinders implantation
  • Efficacy maintained throughout 5 years of use
  • Easy means of insertion
  • Firmer hold in uterus
  • High continuation rates indicating comfort & acceptability
  • Cost effective


  • Copper based IUD
  • Prevent fertilization
    • create spermicidal intrauterine environment
  • Hinder implantation
    • making lining of uterus unfavorable
  • Flexible arms
    • U-Kare remains in position as high as possible against fundus, without stretching uterine cavity
    • reduces incidence of expulsion
  • Foreign body
    • endometrium reacts with sterile inflammation
    • damages sperm & ova
    • prevents viable sperm from reaching fallopian tubes
  • Copper
    • acts on endometrium
    • stimulates inflammatory response
    • increase local production of prostoglandins, white blood cells & enzymes in uterine & tubal fluids
  • Plastic body
    • contains barium sulphate to render it radio opaque


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How To Use

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